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14. THE BANGOR DAILY NEWS, BANGOR, MAINE, TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1935 FOR NEWS WANT ADS DIAL 6441 dollars gold content, officials said no inflation was Involved because of the disappearance of the bank notes. They Will be replaced largely by federal reserve notes. By Mabl Me Elliott 0 1935, NEA Service, Inc LAST SURVIVOR OF JEANETTE! Funeral of Arctic Heroi In Old Home Town, I Penobscot The Shakespeare Memorial jj. brary, at Birmingham, England, receives copies of books of interest published abroad, from British embassies and legations.

Volumes in 28 languages were received In 1933. BEGIN HERE TODAY KATHARINE STRYK IIURST, 20 and beautiful, allows her emotions to rule when shO marries MI-1 Violet. felt a sudden and lnexr CHAEL HEATIIEROE. young riding Plicable 'pity for him, sitting there Instructor who comes into a title I with his handsome head in his NORMAN HART ST. ALBANS, July 1 Norman Hart.

21, died at the Scott Webb hospital in Hartland, Saturday morning after a brief Illness of pneumonia. Funeral services were today in the Union church here. Rev. William Kent of Vassalboro officiating. Surviving are his wife, Mrs.

Louise Walker Hart; and two children; his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hart of St. Albans and several brothers and sisters and other relatives.

MELLOWED. IN THE she heard at last. "Tell her Ive got to play pool with some of the fellows Isabel went out Into the sitting room. Bill saw her, he gasped. The little girls, sensing a situation, withdrew- to the kitchen where they peeped through the kitchen door.

"Dont bother," Isabel said loftily. Youve broken dates with Jne before. Bill Martin. This is the last time. Im getting me another beau." She was regal in the white and silver.

In the cheap little house she was like an exotic flower. "You tellln me? Bill demanded truculently. "Youre my girl, arent you? And were gettin married soon, arent we? "Are we?" Isabel shrugged, "First I heard of it. "Well, you know It nqw, said the man. He was staring at her as if he had never seen her before.

(To Be Continued TO TAKE NATIONAL BANK NOTES OUT OF CIRCULATION I hands. Its turning out all right, she said gently. Hes a gentleman, nice looking and He was a groom, muttered Victor. "He was a cowboy before Youre being very foolish about it, Violet told him, rising and terminating the interview. "I dont and fortune.

Katharines father is rich and her stepmother is snob bish. The night following his marriage Michael is injured in a traffic accident and when he regains consciousness his memory is impaired. He forgets the marriage. jne, heart-broken, believes he has BOTTLE dfent pair of silk stockings to wear. When she had talked so boastfully to Daisy and the others of her probable marriage to Bill she had been whistling in the dark.

How did you ever get a boy to the point where he proposed? She didnt know. Maybe shed go on like this forever, working at the shop, coming home to a dirty house, getting older by the minute, not having anything she wanted. How nice it would be, Isabel mused, staring around the dark, shabby little room, to have pretty things, to have beaux and dates galore. While you were young thats when it counted because, after all, it wouldnt matter when she was older. She wouldnt care, then.

"Oh, sis, a box came for you today. Mary Maud, gangling and pale at 11, in a gingham dress a size too small, came to stand and stare from the door. A box? How? By parcel post? Bundles of any sort were an event In this family. "I dont know. No, I think someone left it at the door.

It was on deserted her. She goes to New I why I should listen to your stoop. Daisy, said Mary Maud, virtuously, "wanted to open it, but I wouldn't let her." Frantically Isabel tore at the string, ripping it off. Under folds of tissue paper lay a white and silver frock. Isabel gasped, staring.

She tore open the square creamy envelope. There was a signature. Sally Moon. Why, of all things. "Dear Isabel: Im going to Paris for a year.

You said something the last time you did my hair about getting married. Dont say I gave this to you. The old cats have talked enough already. Good luck. "Well, I never thought she even liked me, marvelled Isabel.

Casual, careless Sally had sent her the wedding dress! "Try it on, sis. Try it on. Both dingy little girls were hopping about in an ecstasy of excitement. They forgot about time, forgot about food. Isabel emerged from the scrubby cubicle which served as a bathroom, her arms and face gleaming from recent scrubbing.

She slipped the lovely frock over her head. Ooh-ooh, dont you look nice! Even Daisy said It, reluctantly but convincingly. When you have never before in your life owned a really decent frock, Isabel thought, revolving before the square of mirror, its heaven to own -one, at last It works magic for you. Lost in her dreams, she didnt hear the doorbell. Didnt hear Bills deep growl in response to Mary Mauds piping treble.

"Tell her I cant make the game, absurd accusations against me, except that I was once fond of you, and I realize parents are notably silly in matters of this sort. Im sorry, said the man, knowing himself dismissed. Violet felt that absurd pity welling up in her heart again. When he left she shook nands with him quite calmly, and then she went back into the house and tore up letters which she had been keeping SELVIN LEIGHTON GUILFORD, July 1 Selvin Leighton, 66, died at his home in Park-man on the Parkman-Dexter road Saturday' afternoon, after having been in poor health for two or three years and acutely ill for about one week. He was held in high repute, a farmer, and respected citizen.

He leaves his wife, who was Miss Annie Parker; a son, Henry; and his aged father, S. Leighton. Funeral services were held at the residence this afternoon. Rev. Margaret Koch officiating.

Interment was in Pin-gree Centre cemetery. Mexico to forget. Wandering off for an early morning stroll, Katharine becomes lostin the desert. Michael arrives to explain and beg forgiveness. He hires a plane to search for Katharine.

After a long hunt she is rescued. Michael takes her, ill from shock and fatigue, to a ranch house. She soon Back home DR. JOHN KAYE, in love with Katharine, learns of her 6 A fNHATT 'vOckUiU'l That whythey ore the very finest I co*cktails you ever tasted Just chill and serve. i G.

F. Hcublcin A Bre. HmtferS. Com. marriage from ZOE PARKER who I ina locked box tries to comfort him.

NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XLVII NORTH PENOBSCOT. July 1 Many paid their last respects to Herbert Wood Leach, 77, at the funeral services in the Methodist church Saturday afternoon. Rev. Leslie R. Craig of Bucksport officiating and paying a fine tribute to Mr.

Leach at one time nationally famous in the annals of Arctic exploration, and the last survivor of the ill-fated Jeanette expedition. He went to sea when scarcely more than a boy, and sailed to the out of way places of the world. When still a youth, he joined an Arctic expedition, which sailed from San Francisco aboard the steamer Jeanette in 1879. The vessel was crushed beneath Arctic ice that same year, and recently Leach was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for Heroism in connection with the sinking of the ship. Leach and twelve others reached a Russian outpost after months of hardship.

Leachs feet were badly frozen and two toes were amputated by a Russian surgeon. Fully recovered, the thirteen set out in search of Lieutenant Commander G. W. Delong and the 18 other members of the Jeanettes crew, all of whom, they later learned, perished trying to reach Siberia. Almost three years from the day the expedition sailed from San Francisco, Leach and his twelve companions arrived back in the United States.

I Leach went to Brockton and obtained work in one of the citys shoe factories, where he was employed until ill health recently forced him into retirement, and he died there. He leaves two sons, H. Munroe, Leach of Wareham. and Russell E. Leach of Brockton.

The bearers, cousins of Mr. Leach, were Harvey and Otis Leach, Roscoe and Fremont Patten. Burial was in Hillside cemetery. WASHINGTON, July 1 (AP) The treasury today shifted of gold profits to its "working balance in preparation for redeeming a big block of government bonds and withdrawing all national bank notes from circulation. In all some $600,000,000 In bonds and an approximately equivalent amount In bank notes are involved.

Although the process amounted to paying off government obligations with money made by reducing the The Club co*cktails 1 Martial Dry artmi Anna Id latbtantd ankattma She was burning them in the fireplace when Sybil add Diana, deposited by the school bus, rushed in. What are you doing. Mummy? She smiled at them dimly. "Burning Jhe ghost of an old love, my dears. Why she had kept those old love letters, she could not have said.

She was true and faithful wife; but there had been a lurking sentiment for. the old tie which she had never before been able to sever. She saw 'iumnoin Jn.iillH Word went to Victor Strykhurst by wire and he, of course, was furious. Married to Michael Heath-eroe weeks ago. He is here with me.

Both ask blessing and forgiveness. Victor almost had apoplexy. Ber-tine did not do much to soothe him. I Victor now as he really was elder What was this outlandish tale, Vic- ly, ineffectual, hidebound. How could tor fumed! Katharine wandering she ever have loved him? around the southwest with God knew whom, lost in the desert, Isabel, who worked in Miss Betsyi found by this extraordinary young Beauty Shop, read the news in the man who had taught a riding class village newspaper and went back to in Innico*ck and who, amazingly the shabby little house she shared MRS.

JOS. H. ANNIS CALAIS, July 1 The death of Mrs. Joseph H. Annis, 75, which oc curred at her home in Lower Little Ridgeton where she had lived nearly all her life by many friends in this section.

Her family came from Ireland when she was a' child. In 1831 she was married to Joseph Annis who died in 1929. Of their eight sons and daughters, all are living Edward, of Madison; Frederick, and Herbert of Woodland; Mrs. Chas. Woodman, Augusta; Mrs.

Maynard Smith, Laconia, N. Mrs. Roland Crone, Bangor; and Percy at home, all of whom were at the funeral. Burial was In Rural cemetery, St. Stephen, a large attendance and many beautiful flowers.

FUNERAL SERVICES The funeral of Mooney will be in St. Mary's church this morning at 9 o'clock. enough had been married to Katharine for weeks. Eertine said again and again that she could not get over it. She repeated the phrase impressively, as though the very weight of her words must stun the listener.

People got bored hearing it. Lida Parker, who was fond of Bertine, said so roundly. You really must stop raving about Kay, Lida told her friend. TnYreunPT xt A 'T'TVrU' I PePle win think theres some-JUiM UrOx Uxvl IN A 1 1 Hi I thing odd about the whole affair, and its really very romantic. It isnt as if this young Heatheroe hadnt turned out extraordinarily well.

He has a title if he cares to use it, Zoe tells me. It was all in the Times Newspaper stories, said Katharines stepmother who had a complete disregard for all matters ap- CAPT. E. C. SMITH PORTLAND.

July 1 (AP) Edwin C. Smith, 81, retired mariner and a native of Jonesport, died here today. He the sea for 30 years, commanding schooners and vessels. After retirement, he stores in Woodland. Funeral services for Mrs.

Sadie E. Oakes, wife of Roscoe Oakes, will be in the Pond Funeral prVors this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment will be in Cherryfield. with her mother and sisters to gloat over the story with a trace of envy. I know her well, she told the dazzled little sisters who hung over the very poor half-tone reproduction of Katharines picture.

Oh, shes lots prettier than that, Daisy! Shes a real blond and you know we dont get many of those. Ive seen the fellow she married many a time, too. Hes real good looking I dont know as hes my type, though. Now, my ideal They had heard about Isabels ideal before. Daisy frankly yawned.

My ideal, pursued Isabel, running a wet comb through her wave and narrowing her eyes speculatively at her image in the spotted and cloudy mirror, my ideal is sort of Fredric March only younger, but with the same kind of chin. Bill dont look a bit like Fred-pearing, in the public prints except I ric March, observed Daisy with an the society columns which were to air of innocence belled by the know- Capt. master followed square-rgged operated Ma-chlas. and Ellsworth before coming here 25 years ago. He leaves five nieces, among them Mrs.

Rose Elliott of Bangor. The funeral of Ralph Bowden of Old Town was In South Orrington Sunday afternoon under the auspices ofqTarratine lodge, I. O. O. of Old Town, which attended in a body and conducted its ritualistic burial service.

Rev. E. F. Tewksbury officiated. The bearers were all members of the Old Town lodge.

Howard W. Stormann, Harry Ingalls, Walter Savage, Harold E. Blethen, William Harriman and Charles Eastman. The floral tributes were profuse and beautiful. Interment was In the family lot in Oak Hill cemetery, Brewer.

1 her a sort of Bible. Lida Parker was showed it. ing stare in her beady eyes, annoyed and I You better let Bill alone," Isabel said with spirit. Ive told Bill many Its the truth, she said firmly, a time he wasn't my ideal as far as I think Kath-j well for her- And you know it arines done very self So quiet, and sly and underhanded, Bertine cried. "Never telling us a word about it or anything.

"When did you ever encourage confidence from Katharine, my dear? inquired the other woman softly, unable to resist this stab. Bertine flushed and tossed her head. For a telephone to woman heard that Mrs. Strykhurst had stopped what Zoe called broadcasting about Katharines elopement and was satisfied. Meantime Victor Strykhurst went to see Mrs.

Merser. You probably encouraged the whole thing just from spite, Victor sputtered angrily. I wouldnt have believed it of you. days she didn't Lisa, but the other looks go, but he certainly is one handsome fellow. There are girls in this town whod give their shoes to go out with him.

Sez you! Daisy was setting the table now, slapping forks and knives all hopelessly mismatched down upon a doth notable for the number and variety of spots on it. You mind your own business or youll be sorry," Isabel advised heat-few I edly. "Tell you one thing when Bill and I step off well have a slicker looking place to live in than this dump. Wonder you kids wouldnt rinse out a bit of wash now and then, with Maw working her head off all day at the canning factory. You get out of school at quarter past three and hang around yelling yqur heads off till Just before come home.

Bet I know whats for supper, too. She wrinkled her nose, staring into the handleless pot until Friends in large numbers attended the funeral of Daniel O. Arncnault ln St. Teresas church. South Brewer, Monday morning, and there were floral tributes in great profusion.

High mass of requiem was celebrated by Rev Maurice Griffin, pastor. The bearers were Walter 8. Doane, Elliott White, Leslie Graham, Frank Heck, Arthur Willette and George Willctte. Interment was in Mt. Pleasant cemetery, SEARSPORT, July 1 Funeral services for Miss Mildred E.

Shute, 73, were in the Congregational church on Saturday afternoon, with Rev. Manuel H. Snow officiating. The bearers were A. M.

Kane, Joshua W. Curtis, Donald W. Vaughan and Columbus G. Carley. Burial was in Mt.

Solitude cemetery. There were many friends in attendance and beautiful flowers. CASTINE. July 1 The funeral of Mrs. Alice J.

Harmon was held at the Unitarian church Thursday afternoon. Rev. Oscar Olsen officiated, assisted by Rev. Randall S. Hilton.

The floral offerings were ir. profusion. The bearers were Bert Parker, Frank Douglass. William Hall and Ralph Wardwell. I didnt know Violet told him, keeping her temper I on the stove, in leash.

I warned you the day Canned beans! she was thrown from the horse that she needed careful handling. I could see by her face she was interested in the boy. But you wouldnt let her take a Job; you balked her She slammed shared with Daisy Bill was taking first Indoor hockey Shed be lucky if or SPAGHETTI I knew it. into the room she and Mary Maud her to one of the games tonight she found a de- Marshmallows Cracker Jacks PeanuLot Blotter IGA 16 Oz. Jar A Peanut flutter of the Highest Quality EAGLE RjflOLK Can 20' Cook Book FREE ACTIVITIES OF PENOBSCOT FOUR-H CLUBS 1 A new 4-H club has been organized by Mrs.

Harriett Goodspeed at Leathers Corner in Hermon. The group has chosen Hop-to-it 4-H club as their name. At their first meeting the following were chosen as club officers: president, Muriel Leathers; vice president, Ellen Boulier; secretary. Pearl Tibbetts; treasurer, Clara Bubier; cheer and song leader, Edward Ooodspeed. Making Salads is to be demonstrated by Blanche True and Ecla Hanscom, members of the Pioneei 4-H club of Springfield, at the next meeting of the Womens club of that town: At the last meeting of these boys and girls each boy made a feed hopper for his hens and the girls made cookies.

Beryl Chute will demonstrate Cake Making at the next meeting of the Black Cap Mountain 4-H club of Eddington. Mrs. L. S. Herrick is the new leader of this club.

The boys and girls 4-H clubs of Enfield have just held their annua club tours. Twentysix projects were visited including canning, cooking and housekeeping, sewing, gardens, chicks and dairy. This is the first tour to have been held in Penobscot county. The following tours have been planned: July 6, Essex street girls; July 6, Bradford Center; July 6, Exeter girls and boys July 10, Orrington girls; July 19, Levant boys and girls; July 24. Stetson boys; July 19, East Corinth boys: July 24.

Stetson boys; July 24, Charleston girls; July 24, Dexter, the Higgins club; Aug. 1. Lincoln girls; Aug. 3, Dexter, White club; Aug. 9, East Orrington: Aug.

15, Dixmont; Aug. 15. East Newport; Aug. 15, Spring-field; Aug. 17, Carmel; Aug.

17, East Holden; Aug. 22, Garland boys and girls; Aug. 23, Lagrange girls; Aug. 21. West Levant; September, South Newburg.

The Harvesters 4-H club of Newburg Center, led by Mrs. Mabel Foshay, have held six meetings since they reorganized In April. At their last meeting, Mrs. Foshey demonstrated "Table Setting. Barbara Ward has charge of the program during the recreation period.

Lyle Davis of Plymouth has taken over the leadership of the boys club in that community. The following officers were chcen at the reorganization meeting: president. Lyndon Small; vice president, Ralph Gray; secretary, Harold Harding; treasurer. Lloyd Varney. Mr.

Davis was a leader In 1924. On July 6th members of the Happy Holden Helpers 4-H club of East Holden will go to Green Lake for their annual picnic with their leader, Mrs. Julia Bearman. 21c 5c Root Beer Extract 2 Bots. 25c Lifebuoy Soap 3 RINSO RINSO 3 OAKITE 2 21c Merrit Razor Blades 5 10c JELL-0 6c POST TOASTIES n7c E3 CM DC KEN.

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July 1 Rev. Percy L. Vernon conducted a prayer service attended by the relatives and intimate friends of Edwin Childs in Lewiston before the funeral which was held at 3 p. m. Friday at the Free Baptist church here.

Rev. Clarence Leckemby officiated and Perley Wright sang Representatives of Bethlehem chapter O. E. S. and Meridian lodge conducted a Masonic service at the church and a committal service at the cemetery.

Mr. Scott and Mr. McDonald were honorary guards representing the Knights Templar and bearers were George W. Lane, Chester Warren, L. C.

Nutter, Earle V. Powers, Pearcy Butterfield, Henry R. Leclair at the home; Eary Vickery, Lancy Milliken, Perley Wright, William Bigelow, J. E. McMichael and Percy Butterfield in Pittsfield.

Honorary bearers were friends of the Masonic order In Pittsfield. Out of I town relatives attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Lee T. Shorey and sons.

Lee. and John, of Presque Isle; Mr.and Mrs. Clayton M. Grace of Limington; Mr. and Mrs.

James Childs. Mrs. Reginald Matthews, Miss Frances Childs. Mrs. James Clapp, all of Dorchester, Miss Margaret Childs.

Augusta; Kenneth Childs. Needham. Mr. and Mrs. H.

E. Ackerman. Auburndale, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baird, Mrs.

Mabel E. Tyler, of Bangor; Miss Marguerite L. ORoak of Auburn; Arthur C. Dyer, Dover-Foxcroft: Mr. and Mrs.

John A. Rand. Guilford; G. M. Lancy of Hartland; and Nathan Daggett, Dexter.

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Lb Just the Flavor for Iced Tea ICEBOUND When directors put out a call in Melbourne, Australia, for men with twisted noses and women with pale faces to make a film, 600 persons Lb. CRAB MEAT No. Can WASHINGTON, July 1(AP) President Roosevelt today extended for a month the life of the old Labor Relations board, apparently intending to use it in setting up machinery for operation of the Wagner Labor Disputes bill. The Wagner measure, sent to the White House last week, has been under study by legal and other advisors of the government departments concerned, and has not yet been signed by the president. (Bairn Gin.

FUNERAL HOME tv. 1. BROOKINGS 133 Center Street. Bangor 20 2 St BIG BOTTLES for 12 OZ. SIZE 2 (plt halt Jtpttk'i DIAL 4753 "3.

The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine (2024)


Is Bangor Daily news liberal or conservative? ›

The Bangor Daily News's editorial stance has traditionally leaned toward conservatism and the Republican Party, in contrast to the Portland Press Herald, which was regarded as having a more liberal, pro-Democratic editorial stance.

What is the phone number for Bangor Daily news obituaries? ›

Click/tap here to place a notice online or call toll free in Maine: 800.432. 7964 or from outside of Maine: 207.990. 8128. You may contact obituaries staff by email at

How do I contact Bangor Daily news? ›

You can contact the newsroom by calling 207.990. 8175 or emailing If you would like to submit a news tip, you can do so here.

What county is Bangor, Maine in? ›

Bangor city, Penobscot County, Maine is a city, town, place equivalent, and township located in Penobscot County, Maine.

What is the most honest news station? ›

10 Most Unbiased News Sources
  • 1 – Associated Press. Monthly Unique Visitors: 41.90 Million. ...
  • 2 – Reuters. Monthly Unique Visitors: 68.10 Million. ...
  • 3 – NPR. Monthly Unique Visitors: 82.80 Million. ...
  • 4 – BBC. Monthly Unique Visitors: 518.20 Million. ...
  • 5 – PBS NewsHour. ...
  • 6 – CBS News. ...
  • 7 – The Guardian. ...
  • 8 – The New York Times.

How much is a Bangor daily news? ›

The single-copy price of the weekend edition of the Bangor Daily News, currently $1.50, will increase to $2 at news-stands and stores beginning today, Nov. 29.

Is the obituary read at funeral? ›

The obituary reading typically takes place towards the beginning of the service and sets the tone by recounting the deceased's life story.

Do people still publish obituaries? ›

Obituaries are not required by law , so the deceased's family might have chosen to forego publishing one. Publishing an obituary can be expensive , and the funds may be unavailable. The deceased has few family members or friends , so there might have, unfortunately, been no need for an obituary.

How do I find a local obituary? ›

Most of the time, if an obituary is available online, you will be able to find it with a Google search. However, if you still fail to see the results you want, consider looking through the websites of local funeral homes or newspapers. Unfortunately, you may have to pay to access content in a local online paper.

How old is the Bangor Daily News? ›

The company was founded in 1889 by the great-grandfather of the current publisher, Richard J. Warren. Bangor Publishing has produced Maine's newspaper of record, the Bangor Daily News, for more than 130 years.

How do I cancel Bangor Daily News? ›

You may cancel a digital subscription, or opt out of automated billing, at any time by using the My Account page (, or by emailing or otherwise contacting BDN customer service, and we will process your request within one business day.

What is the address of Bangor Daily News? ›

Bangor Daily News, 1 Merchants Plz, Bangor, ME - MapQuest.

What celebrity lives in Bangor, Maine? ›

Stephen King

He is currently 70 years old and living in Bangor at 47 West Broadway. Stephen King became famous by publishing many books, and, soon after, many of them were made into movies. Some of his books are set in Maine, including IT which was recently made into a successful feature film.

What is the nickname for Bangor Maine? ›

Bangor is known as the “Queen City.” Modern Bangor was established in the mid-19th century with the lumber and shipbuilding industries.

Why is Bangor, Maine famous? ›

By the 1850's, Bangor was considered the lumber capital of the world, was one of the busiest ports on the East Coast, and was heavily engaged in shipbuilding and commerce.

Is the Daily News a liberal newspaper? ›

Editorial stance and style

The New York Times has described the Daily News's editorial stance as "flexibly centrist" with a "high-minded, if populist, legacy". In contrast to its sister publication, the Chicago Tribune, the Daily News was pro-Roosevelt, endorsing him in 1932, 1936, and 1940.

Who owns the Bangor Daily News? ›

Parent company Bangor Publishing Company is a family-owned business now in its fourth generation of ownership. The company was founded in 1889 by the great-grandfather of the current publisher, Richard J. Warren. Bangor Publishing has produced Maine's newspaper of record, the Bangor Daily News, for more than 130 years.

What is the political stance of The Times? ›

In general, the political position of The Times is considered to be centre-right.

Is the star a liberal newspaper? ›

Editorial position

The Star is generally centrist and centre-left, and is more socially liberal than The Globe and Mail. The paper has aligned itself over the years with the progressive "Atkinson principles" named for publisher Joseph E. Atkinson, who was editor and publisher of the paper for 50 years.


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