Recipe This | How To Sous Vide Chicken With Marinade (2024)

Sous Vide Chicken With Marinade. Today I am giving you a step by step beginners guide to preparing, cooking and freezing Sous Vide chicken with marinade.

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Sous Vide ChickenWith Marinade

There is a lot of questions when it comes to Sous Vide Chicken With Marinade that Iwanted to address as many of them as I can today, as well as showing you how toquickly do the process yourself.

As I am sure you’re aware, chicken is amazing and so versatile too, that if you’re starting out with your Sous Vide, cooking chicken breasts with marinade is an amazing starting point.

Then think to yourself, how many different marinades thatyou love to have your chicken in and then you can focus on eating these in theSous Vide as it will give you amazing practice.

I like to think of it like the other kitchen gadgets we useregularly and how practice has given us great experience and now we don’t eventhink about it when we cook with them.

I could go back to 2011 when I first used an air fryer and how we were nervous at this new type of low fat cooking.

Or when we got our Instant Pot and wondered if it would explode like the 1970’s ones did. Eating JUST from the Instant Pot for 3 meals a day last summer, gave us the best practice that you could ever wish for.

Then master chicken breast in marinade in the Sous Vide andthen you can work your way through all your favourite chicken marinades, andyou will be able to cook chicken breasts in the Sous Vide without thinkingabout it.

Sous Vide ChickenMarinade Setup

Firstly, you need to make sure that you have everything inplace in order to cook Sous Vide chicken with marinade.

Chicken Breasts are BEST when they are organic as they enhance the flavour even more. My personal recommendation is Butcher Box as they sell a lot of different organic chicken and you can get a chicken only custom box delivered to your doorstep every month with dry ice. We also have a Butcher Box Review that you can read.

Chicken Marinade is all about personal choice. You might make your own, or have a favourite shop bought version. In our demo video for showing you how to Sous Vide Chicken With Marinade we used our favourite Bullseye BBQ Steakhouse version. We have only just heard of this one and its now Jorge’s favourite and he is absolutely obsessed with barbecue sauce.

Vacuum Machine is for sealing your chicken with marinade BEFORE you Sous Vide. This is the one we have, and you can watch and read a live demo of it here.

Vacuum Bags & Scissors are essential for cutting your bags to size and then using them for vacuum sealing and sealing in your chicken marinade. We have 2 rolls of vacuum bags and we love using them each time we Sous Vide. We also have a great all in one kitchen tools set that comes with some very good kitchen scissors.

Sous Vide & Water Bath is to finish the cooking process for when you have finished marinating your chicken breasts and are ready for cooking your chicken in the Sous Vide. We have a good sized water bath so that we can use it in a range of dishes as well as this Sous Vide.

How To Sous VideChicken With Marinade?

  • Firstly, get your vacuum sealing bags cut to size ready to load them with your chicken breasts with marinade. Then using your vacuum machine seal the bottom of the bags so that you are ready for adding in the chicken. After all, there is nothing worse than a leakage.
  • Secondly, load up your vacuum bags with your chicken breast and marinade and give it a good shake to make sure the marinade is evenly distributed.
  • Thirdly, get rid of any marinade that is on the outer packaging as this will stop it from sealing and flatten it out and use the vacuum machine to remove the air and to properly seal it ready for the Sous Vide.
  • Finally, get the sous vide to temperature and place your chicken with marinade into the Sous Vide. It will cook and you will have the most amazing flavoursome chicken breast that you have ever tried.

If you have not yet used your Sous Vide then I recommend you read our blog post called my Sous Vide Vacuum Sealing System first as it will help you get your head around it first and you can see how easy it is!

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Sous Vide ChickenWith Marinade Q&A

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When we are new with something, we want to know EVERYTHING and the Sous Vide andcooking chicken breasts is no different. So here are the questions we have beenasked.

Can You Sous Vide Chicken In Marinade? Absolutely! But remember not to over do it and have a lot of marinade as when the air sucks out, it will come out and make your vacuum machine too dirty to seal it for you.

After all, you don’t want a messy clean up operation with lots of marinade everywhere. Instead aim for a small amount of marinade per chicken breast.

Also remember, that when you are cooking food when it issealed its more compact, so you need less marinade for a good flavour.

Sous Vide Chicken InSauce? Just like with a marinade you can cook chicken in its sauce when itis vacuum sealed. I would just recommend not too much sauce, otherwise it won’tseal properly. Aim for sauces that are quite thick as then its easy to seal andcook.

Can You Freeze Sous Vide Chicken? Absolutely! As I type this, we have 7 lots of chicken in marinades sealed in the freezer and waiting to come out and be cooked for lunch or dinner.

We plan to allow them to thaw and then cook them in the Sous Vide. It is recommended that you DON’T cook chicken breasts from frozen. The temperature is not high enough to safely cook them and they will taste horrible.

Sous Vide ChickenBreast Temp & Time? When we cooked our chicken breasts, we did them for63.5c/146.3f for 2 hours 30 minutes. They were medium to large chicken breastsand you could use the same rule with any chicken breasts you cook in your SousVide, regardless of having a marinade or not.

Our Sous Vide ChickenBreasts With Marinade Experiment

What we have decided to do is prep 7 different lots of Sous VideChicken Breasts all with different marinades and to see what they taste likeonce cooked and see how they take to being freezer packed.

We can then see if it tastes better after being frozen asthen the chicken marinade can work its magic for longer and then we can try outsome homemade marinades too.

Later in the year we will be back with updates about those.

Though we did cheat and did an 8th bag so that we could eat some delicious Sous Vide with BBQ marinade today and it was SO GOOD. I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. It was one of those moments that if you have a Sous Vide still sat in its box, its what you would want to get it out for!

How To Sous Vide Chicken Breast Video

We also created a great video for you showing you how to sous vide chicken breast with marinade. It gives you some great examples and shows you how to use the sealing machine with a marinade without any cooking disasters.

Can’t Sous Vide Now? Then pin it for later!

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Recipe This | How To Sous Vide Chicken With Marinade (2024)


Can I sous vide chicken with marinade? ›

Can I sous vide my food in marinade? Technically, yes and no. Flavor-boosting marinades without a lot of salt and citrus are fine to cook in due to their mild nature. Those with tenderizing or brining capabilities (and also alcohol) will be detrimental to the food, as it will cause over-marination.

Can you sous vide meat that has been marinated? ›

If you're using an acid or alcohol based marinade, we recommend taking the meat out of the marinade before cooking, because the lack of evaporation from sous vide means that you won't 'burn off' the alcohol or acid, leaving you with a nasty, overpowering taste.

What is the best temperature to sous vide chicken? ›

Between 140 and 145°F (60 and 63°C) is my preferred temperature range for chicken served hot (and I generally aim for the hotter end of that scale).

Is marinating chicken for 30 minutes enough? ›

You can marinate chicken anywhere from 2 hours up to 24 hours, though marinating chicken for even 15 to 30 minutes can impart flavor and moisture into smaller pieces of meat. Generally, bone-in cuts of chicken, such as wings, drumsticks and breasts, will require a longer marinade time than their boneless counterparts.

Should chicken be submerged in marinade? ›

Add the chicken pieces and submerge them in the marinade. To ensure that the flavor gets into the meat, you could slash the meat a few times with your knife beforehand, but it's not essential. Close the container and transfer it to the refrigerator to marinate for a maximum of 24 hours.

How long should chicken sit in marinade? ›

As a rule of thumb, you can marinate chicken anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours for bone-in chicken or 2 hours for boneless. Past 12 hours, you risk the ingredients of the marinade (such as sugar, acid, and salt) breaking down the muscle fibers in the meat, causing it to go overly soft or mushy.

How to sous vide with marinade? ›

If using an acid or alcohol-based marinade for cooking sous vide, make sure to remove the meat from the marinade, wipe off and seal in a new vacuum bag before cooking - in sous vide cooking, no evaporation takes place, so the alcohol will not be 'cooked off' and may impart an overpoweringly strong flavour into the meat ...

Do you remove marinade before cooking chicken? ›

No matter how you cook it, you'll want to discard any extra uncooked marinade. Alternatively, bring the marinade to a full boil to kill any bacteria, then brush it onto the cooked chicken.

Should meat be submerged in marinade? ›

You want your meat to be completely immersed in the marinade.

Why is my sous vide chicken rubbery? ›

Overcooking sous vide chicken breast is the main reason why it turns out rubbery. The long cooking time makes the protein fibers less elastic. As a result, the chicken breast becomes too chewy.

Can I leave chicken in sous vide all day? ›

We call for 1½ hours in the sous vide bath, but you can leave the chicken in the bath for as long as 4 hours. Because the water stays at a steady temperature of 150°F, you won't risk overcooking your chicken with additional time.

What should you not marinate chicken in? ›

Don'ts of Marinating

Don't add too much salt. Too much salt drains moisture from the meat, causing the meat to dry out and preventing flavors from absorbing. Don't re-use marinades or use them as a sauce. Marinades are in contact with raw ingredients; therefore, the marinade could contain harmful bacteria.

Can you leave chicken in marinade too long? ›

Information. Most recipes for marinating meat and poultry recommend six hours up to 24 hours. It is safe to keep the food in the marinade longer, but after two days it is possible that the marinade can start to break down the fibers of the meat, causing it to become mushy.

Should I marinate meat before sous vide? ›

The key to successful sous vide cooking is to add the flavour to the main ingredient before, during and after the entire cooking process. A favoured way of doing this is through the use of marinades and brines.

How to marinate chicken before sous vide? ›

  1. Place chicken thighs in a large zipper lock bag.
  2. In a medium bowl, mix yogurt, lemon juice, cumin, coriander, cardamom, chili powder, ginger, and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. ...
  3. Seal the bag using the water immersion method technique. ...
  4. Set the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 140ºF (60ºC).

Should marinade be removed before cooking? ›

Remove Marinade Before Cooking: To prevent flare-ups on the grill and ensure properly browned meat when sautéing or stir-frying, wipe off most of the excess marinade before cooking. Keep just a little marinade on the meat surface to maximize flavor.


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