Mattjestic's New Occult Affix Rerolling Guide (Diablo 4) (2024)

Mattjestic’s New Occult Affix Rerolling Guide

Want to save gold a ton of gold you may have otherwise wasted?

In this Mattjestic guide, we’ll show you the new occult affix rerolling method.

We’ve updated the article since last time so be sure to see the new methods and video.

If you want to use Mattjestic’s builds,head to the Mobalytics Diablo 4 build site.

UPDATE: New Advanced Occultist Reroling Methods

Here’s the latest tips and tricks from Mattjestic’s new video!

Always Reroll On Rare Items FIRST

  • BEFORE upgrading at Blacksmith or crafting Legendary effects
  • Doing the wrong order = 2x MORE reroll cost each click!

Always Select NO Change if the Rerolled 2 Stats Are Bad

  • This sets the NEXT reroll at min cost increase
  • Can even Select NO change if it’s a bad low roll too
  • Be careful, if you keep selecting no change could lead to NO actually changing anything after 10m gold of rerolling! (I could have had mid roll for 4.3% dmg reduction but I was greedy for 6-7% roll)

Always Have a Budget Set in Mind for Each Piece!

  • 3m Gloves should not cost > 3m when rerolled
  • We can buy new one & start with super low reroll cost again
    • Don’t reroll 2m a click when buying another 1 is only 3m!
    • Rerolling cost is A SUNK COST, which means it doesn’t matter if we wasted 10m on a piece of gear, once its next click cost is way too high, its time to let it go & try new gears (that starts with min cost)

Rerolling 1-3-5 Times Method

  • First cost is super low (for some gears I just roll once!)
  • DON’T Reroll on ‘bad’ cheap & poorly reroll gears more than 3 times!
    • Those sell for 1-2m each & are NOT worth super high reroll investment
  • Next few are 5x original cost but still below 500k
  • Once it goes over 500k-1m gold it gets crazy fast
  • So use the 1/3/5 click rule to avoid overspending & losing track!
  • For more pricey/rarer items its okay to go deeper too (as some needs BIS 4/4)

Having Multi Copies Of Similar Items

  • I bought 3x Swords for 4-5m each
  • Planning to roll on one, if no luck after 3-5 tries
  • I will roll on the 2nd one, and 3rd one, this way I enjoy the min cost from 1-5 rolls, where rolling 15 times on 1 Sword = 10m gold or more

Buying Items Correctly = HUGE Saving On Rerolling

  • Find items we wanted on official & our Mattjestic D4 Discord
  • Find ones with the CORRECT affix that are hard to reroll into or needs top rolls!
  • E.G. For 2h Sword, I wanted crit dmg/vul dmg/core damage/str or all stat
    • I would buy one that gave crit dmg/vul dmg/core damage with decent affix, then reroll STR or all stat myself!
    • It’s MUCH harder to reroll into the other 3 compared to rare stat on weapons!
  • NOT Confirmed but certain affixes seem to have higher weight!
    • E.g. crit chance on Rings
    • All & primary stat on weapons & most other gears
    • Attack speed on Gloves
    • Movement speed on Boots

Using A Different Class To Reroll Certain Hidden Stats!

  • What we know: using Sorcerer to reroll Helm = Lucky Hit Chance while having a Barrier, which is good for Necro & even Rogue (with Barrier build)
  • Barb Rolls Damage Reduction To Bleeding On Chest & Pants
    • Rogue & Druid Rolls DMG Reduction On Poison
    • Sorcerer Rolls DMG Reduction To Burning

Remember Rerolling 5-10m For Additional 3-5% Might Not Be Worth It!

Make sure to use our latest Helltide Forgotten Souls guide to farm more rerolling mats.

Previous Video and Tips

Rerolling & Crafting At Occultist = CRAZY EVIL DESIGN!

  • You can easily sink 500m gold in 1 hour.
  • Friends have spent 200-500m gold just from rerolling, it’s lots of min & max and prices get so crazy it’s 10m-20m per click on tiny 1-2% bonus stats!

So How Does Rerolling Affixes Work?

  • It costs Forgotten Souls which only drops from Helltides
    • A good run gives around 40+ Souls per 4x 175 Chest
    • Each reroll costs 1 Soul & upgrading gear costs more Too!
  • Note only +3 Skill Rank Armor & +2 Skill Rank on Amulet will be upgraded to +4 & +3 Rank at Blacksmith/Jeweler!

What’s The Big Deal With Rerolling Affixes?

  • It’s that the cost of rerolling consecutively goes up like crazy!
    • The first reroll is 30k, soon it’s 300k, then 1m then 3m, then 10m+
  • The pool of available affixes is NOT equal for ALL pieces of gears
    • Certain gears like Amuleta = HUGE Gold Sinks!
  • There is also the Opportunity Cost of Gold too!
    • Once we reroll, the Rare is NOT tradable!
      • I’ve tried to roll on perfect BIS Amulets that would sell for 30m+ or even 50m+ easily!
      • But after wasting 20m myself it’s not wasted (yep it hurts!)
      • No need to remind ourselves of this constantly but logically we should know good Rares sell for 5m+, even 500m Gold! (which means more rerolling Gold lol)
  • Rerolling is like a gambling addiction – questionable design!

How to Reroll

First, Set A Budget!

I would only spend 5m or less rolling on a NON piece of gear. If we kinda know our rare’s value, then don’t spend so much on rerolling it when it’s cheaper to buy new ones! E.G. 5m gloves rolling for 8%, its costing 1-2m to roll again, when its around 5m to buy one with 8% crit on it!

Know the Types of Gears & What Can Roll on Each Pieces!

See our Excel guide (not fully updated but very useful!)

Know When To Stop

If it is costing us 5m-10m per click and we still haven’t gotten what we wanted, then it’s time to get some fresh air & reconsider! Too easily we click a few more and our hard-saved gold for a week is gone!

Also, DON’T try to max roll & get too greedy! If it’s 35/45% crit dmg, maybe it’s okay! As it’s gonna cost 20m+ gold to have a tiny chance to get 3-5 more %, not worth it!

Having Multi Items Pieces to Reroll is a Good Way to Benefit From Cheap Early Rolls!

I tend to have 3-4 pieces of good rares, and spend around 1-2m on each, if I get the right affix, then I can even resell the ones I didn’t use!

Remember guys, gambler’s fallacy = we think we are luckier! But in reality everyone losses to the Occultist!

Want to use Mattjestic’s builds? Head to the Mobalytics Diablo 4 build site.

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Mattjestic's New Occult Affix Rerolling Guide (Diablo 4) (2024)


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