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Divine Tower of Caelid is one of the Minor Dungeons found in the Caelid Region in Elden Ring. It is an optional dungeon that is home to a few treasure items and a miniboss Foe. This page contains information on the location, walkthrough, and guide to traverse this dungeon, locate all of its treasure, and tips to defeat the enemies within.

EnemiesBossNotable Loot
Radahn Soldiers/Blackflame Monks Godskin Apostle Numen's Rune, Godskin Apostle Hood, Godskin Apostle Robe, Godskin Apostle Bracelets, Godskin Apostle Trousers, Godslayer's Greatsword

How to Get to Divine Tower of Caelid

To the north of central Caelid, on the coast to the west of Dragonbarrow Fork, you'll encounter a large stone tower. Head up to the edge of the ridge by the tower and you'll note a number of large tree branches beneath you that attach to the tower, allowing you to jump onto them (on or off of Torrent) and cross to reach the narrow ledges lining the outside of the tower.


Divine Tower of Caelid Walkthrough

Jump across the branch and deal with the Soldier with the flaming pole around the side of the ladder. Then head up the ladder and pass along the broken segments of the column to your left. Continuing jump across the gaps as you turn the corner, and use Torrent to jump the larger gap as you turn to face east, passing the ladder for now. Around that back corner to the east is a corpse holding a Numen's Rune.

Backtrack and climb the ladder to reach a Site of Grace on the left. If you head up the stairs to the west, you can open the door at the top on the left to reach the elevator room allowing you to restore Radahn's Great Rune, providing you have already defeated Starscourge Radahn.

Other than that, head down the various stairs to the east of the Site of Grace to face off against two Radahn Soldiers. There is a locked door to the southwest, so you'll need to do some very intricate platforming in this section.

Drop off onto the column below to the northwest, then perform a running jump to the platform across the gap on the right. As you land, it will collapse and you'll land with it a couple of floors below.

Then, staying close to the central structure this whole room revolves around, very carefully drop off the edge to land on a platform below. Then carefully drop onto the unlit brazier on the right-hand side, then the platform beneath that.


Jump across to the next column along to the southwest, then jump across and down to the platform southeast, beneath the brazier on the outer wall. Then turn around and jump back across to the central section, where you'll see a Radahn Soldier to the left near a pressure plate. Be careful fighting this Radahn Soldier, as the geometry can make it very easy to be knocked off/backward, and rolling is a no-no.

After defeating the soldier, step on the pressure plate to summon a lift. Ride the lift up and follow the path around to the left. Along the wall to the right is a ladder that will lead you up to the locked door you encountered earlier, allowing a shortcut. Head back down the ladder and continue on where a Blackflame Monk will confront you. Beyond the Blackfire Monk, you'll find a dead-end.

To the left of the corpse at this dead-end, walk very carefully along the ledge, until you reach the far side where you'll see a fractured column beneath you.

Drop down onto it and take a massive fall (without fall damage), and you'll land near another pressure plate to summon a second lift. Ride that lift down to reach the next Site of Grace.

Head down the steps past the Site of Grace to confront another Blackflame Monk who is guarding a mist wall.

Boss Fight - Godskin Apostle

A tall slender white figure bathed in robes, the Godskin Apostle wields a hooked staff. It's recommended to have a weapon of at least +11 to be able to deal sufficient damage.

The Apostle will, at range, throw Blackflame at you, knocking you to the ground should it make contact. These can be easily dodge-rolled so long as you keep an eye on the Apostle at all times, otherwise this will catch you out and leave you vulnerable to a follow-up attack.


As a melee fighter, the Apostle is incredibly aggressive. The Apostle can perform jabs with the lower end of its staff but mainly relies on fast flurries and combos. It spins staff furiously in front of itself, creating a whirlwind-type effect that is recommended that you just run away from. It will also perform multiple 360-degree spins often ending in an overhead jumping slam. All of these attacks are best dodged, as the ferocity of the attacks can make it incredibly risky to attempt a parry.

At around 50% health, the Apostle will float off the ground and hunch up before exploding out in a Blackflame sphere. This initiates the second phase of the encounter, where the Apostle becomes even more aggressive and speedy. It also has the ability to extend its body to cross the entire distance of the arena, performing variations of sweeps, slams, and slashes but aren't restricted to the Apostle's immediate vicinity. The best way to make this encounter far easier, like other boss fights, is to use the Mimic Tear Ashes. That allows the Apostle to focus many of its attacks on the Mimic, which makes it easier to execute jumping attacks that can stagger the Apostle opening it up to critical strikes.

Upon defeating the Godskin Apostle, you'll earn the Godskin Apostle Hood, the Godskin Apostle Robe, the Godskin Apostle Bracelets, and the Godskin Apostle Trousers. If you head down the steps on the opposite side of the arena to where you entered, you'll find a wisp of light to teleport you outside the tower, alongside a chest that contains the Godslayer's Greatsword.

Divine Tower of Caelid Complete

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